The Proclamation

On 16th October 2014 was proclaimed as a Landing Sanctuary for Star Visitors the area called La Alpujarra, located on the southern slope of the "Sierra Nevada" (also known as "Monte Solarius" or mount of the sun) located in eastern Andalusia in the south of the Iberian peninsula.

This proclamation is the first step to manifest the meeting and peaceful interaction of the inhabitants of this area with the brothers and neighbors generally called "Star Visitors", included under this term different beings or consciousnesses from different planets, stars, systems, galaxies, dimensions, times and parallel realities.


  • Star visitors are invited to enter this reality,including display, fly and land on the spot. 
  • Star visitors are invited to interact and establish personal and social relationships with the inhabitants of this area according to principles of equality and cooperation. 
  • Star Visitors are invited to share knowledge, information, technologies, etc. which can be shown, discussed and developed for the benefit of living in this area and from here the entire planet.

The Ceremony

There are some places in La Alpujarra called "Eras" that are small tracts of land raided cobbled, usually circular, that have been used for centuries for communal farming and the gathering of people in meetings, particularly festivals.

We use these places to realize the idea of Landing Sanctuary as they can be seen as landing pads and also as sanctuaries at the same time.

The proclamation ceremony was carried out at the Era located at Mecina-Fondales, a small village located between barranco de la Sangre (Blood canyon) and rio Bermejo (Red river) and the Era is located beside the Camino de Pitres (Path to Pitres) and visually oriented to Monte Corona (Crown Mount) at the south view.

LAT 36 ° 55'46.98 "N - LON   3°19'18.42"O

Third of its kind in the world

The first one is named UFO Landing Pad and was constructed in 1967 in the town of Sta Paul, Alberta, Canada. 

As can be seen, our denomination encompasses the previous ones in tribute and thanks to these two previous cases. Of course, these denominations should be considered as merely symbolic. We use these concepts to show a connection and respect for the past and connect it with the future that we are going to co-create.

Why choosing this area?

There are several reasons for choosing this area for a Star Visitors Landing Sanctuary.

It is a large area formed by natural landscapes ranging from sea level to a highest peak in the Iberian Peninsula (Monte Solarius or mount the Sun) dotted with small villages where people are highly synchronized with nature and its rhythms.

The resemblance of the typical chimneys of the houses of the Alpujarra to flying saucers is used to make a conscious-subconscious connection between two realities, since the shape of a flying saucer is a symbol related with extraterrestrial civilizations.

History in this area is marked by the gathering of people from very different and opposite cultures, religions and ideologies that led to episodes of great polarity where there were moments of struggle and mutual extermination and other of peaceful coexistence and collaboration between opposites.

Some of these events were:

-Muslim conquest of the Visigoth kingdom 711-1031
-Christian reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula 1487-1492
-Revolt of the Moriscos 1568-1571
-Repopulation of the Alpujarra 1571-1580
-Spanish Civil War 1936-1939
-Post Spanish Civil War 1939-1955

Using these historical-times fractals is performed with the intent to polarize the sign of the interaction as positive to facilitate the meeting of the people of this area with the Star visitors and promote a peaceful and mutually beneficial coexistence.

An Experiment with Cocreation

From a cardinal point of view La Alpujarra, Star Visitor landing Sanctuary is an experiment to manifest a reality through cocreation. That reality which can be referred as the Aquarian Age of humanity.

Manifesting that reality will be performed  through the correct use of fractal, holographic and quantum technologies through an alchemical process of the subconscious mind to evolve the belief systems.

All symbolic and physical actions in this experiment will always be conditional on raising the levels of health, consciousness and spiritual evolution of all the inhabitants of the area.

The Cosmic School

We have created a Cosmic School for the training of teachers and students in a variety of materials as Geometry, Bioastrologie, Symbology, Alchemy, History, Health, etc.

A cosmic school is a school that could be located on any planet in any galaxy. This is because the subjects studied and the methodology used are valid in all corners of the cosmos. A cosmic school can also be called "mystery school" or "Alchemist school "

The main objective of the studies is to investigate in the knowledge of reality, both visible and invisible, to know oneself in all aspects, to learn how to transform yourself releasing all fears and live in the greatest potential possible.

The future headquarters, currently under construction, is called Hexacasa, located on the path to Pitres in Mecina-Fondales and will also include a residence for teachers and students.

The Re-building of the Hexacasa

The construction of the building for the cosmic school, called Hexacasa is being carried out rising from the ashes a typical house of the Alpujarra using natural materials (stone, wood and waterproof clay) and applying in the construction an ancient method with centuries of tradition.

This is a very simple construction, hexagonal pattern, thick walls, flat roof on wooden beams, with a central fireplace with a typical termination hat shaped reminiscent of the archetypal form of a flying saucer.

The typical houses of the Alpujarra, are specially adapted to the slope and weather conditions. Because  the orientation, distribution, structure and materials used, are "bioclimatic" absolutely dwellings, perfectly adapted to the harsh weather and geographical conditions in Sierra Nevada, whose efficiency has been proven over the centuries.

The materials used are stone, chestnut, walnut and poplar, reeds, plaster, slate slabs and launa, a magnesian clay grayish impermeable covering the roofs called terraos.

The use of these materials is determined by obvious reasons: 
utilization of available resources.

About us

The Decoders of the Ninth octave of Uranus Foundation was established on Nov.11, 2011 by eleven founders members and we support for activities that:
  • Secure greater allegiance to the basic principles of freedom and democracy in the solution of the insistent problems of an ever-changing society 
  • Strengthen, expand and improve educational facilities and methods to enable individuals to realize more fully their intellectual, civic and spiritual potential; to promote greater equality of educational opportunity; and to conserve and increase knowledge and enrich our culture 
  • Increase knowledge of factors that influence or determine human conduct, and extend such knowledge for the maximum benefit of individuals and society.

Psychologically we are people with tendency to live beyond our time, reading between the lines, having visions of the future, looking for originality, revolution, and sudden unpredictable inspiration. We need absolute freedom. We tend to rebel and manifest radicalism that breaks the established structures.

The meaning of the name refers our way of understanding consciousness as a frequency aspect of reality.The ninth octave is the divine octave and the reference to Uranus is related to the physical areas of the planet Uranus, the astrological aspects of its celestial sphere and the mythological and archetypal realm of the god Uranus. 

Uranus in classical mythology means 'heaven', 'sky' or primordial sky or god. Uranus was the upper limit of the cosmos, a ceiling over the world, solid. In Greek mythology it was personified as husband of Gaia, Mother Earth. Both were ancestors of most of the Greek gods. 


Thank you very much for your interest in supporting our actions. With your generous donation, we are able to build the Hexacasa, the headquarter for the Cosmic School.